There are three responses to a piece of Web design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one we aim for.

Branding & Logo Design

Our branding and logo design packages are an exciting personal brand development experience. You work directly with one of our experts through a systematic creative process that allows the expert to successfully communicate exactly what you want from your brand’s visual identity.


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Strategy Session & Creative Action Plan

Once your project is booked and your booking deposit has cleared, we schedule a strategy session between you, your designer and developer where we create a custom creative action plan for your website. This includes navigation, user experience, custom elements, plug-ins, pages, photography and more. By the end of this session you’ll know exactly what your homework is between now and the start date of your project.01

Pre-Project Check

As all site content and information is due before we start your site design, Julie will do our pre-project check just before we begin your project, making sure everything discussed during our strategy call is still current and that all necessary content and images have been delivered.02

Innovative Design

Now the fun begins. Because you worked so hard before we started to collect and deliver all of your content, you now get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the design process. Because we have all your content in advance, we are able to create much more accurate and authentic design mock-ups for you to select from, expediting the design process and helping you know exactly what your site will look like, and that you love it.

Depending on the size of your site, you will receive between 3-4 page designs at a time, allowing you to be as picky and specific with every detail, instead of being overwhelmed with too much information at once. This helps you provide faster feedback, and us make quicker adjustments.03

Modern Design

Every website is build on what’s called a transfer install on our hosting. This means that we build a “secret site” that is password protected for you to follow along with every stage of the build, having immediate access to progress and the ability to make edits and suggestions during the build. Just like the design phase, this access makes it possible for you to provide faster feedback and for us to make faster edits and adjustments instead of waiting until our weekly meetings.04

Seamless Launch

Because we build on a transfer install, this allows us to test the functionality of your site on a working live, although hidden, site. This eliminates so many of the surprises and conflicts that can happen during a launch when a site is built offline. We always launch on Mondays with a “soft launch” meaning we transfer your site to your hosting, and do our thorough post launch site check.

If all checks out and the site is working seamlessly, we celebrate your official launch promoting your site to our followers and creative community, submitting your site to Google, and set up your Google Analytics so you can track the experience and flow of your site as you grow.05

Education & Empowerment

At the end of every project, we host one-on-one teaching sessions to help provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently take over your online presence and immediately begin using your new tools.06
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